Draft Local Plan

Posted: Tue, 26 Sep 2017 13:06 by Cathy Walsh

The Harborough District Draft Local Plan, that details development within the District up to the year 2031 has now been published, and is available on the Council website.

It is open for public consultation up to 3rd November 2017.

As your District Councillor, I am well aware of the potential impact to this Ward, with particular regards to the proposed development of the Lutterworth Strategic Development Area, locally referred to as 'Lutterworth East', and whilst not in this Ward, the proposed increase in facilities at Magna Park.

I would urge all residents and other concerned persons to make their voices heard by registering their particular views concerning the Draft Plan, this can be done by going to www.harborough.gov.uk/strategic-planning-consultations

This Plan, if adopted, will have a major impact on this Ward and the surrounding area, and I hope that you will register your thoughts, whether or not they are positive or negative by going to the above link.

If you wish to raise any points directly with myself, please see my contact details on the Harborough District Council website.

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