Windfarm Community Fund

Applications are now closed for the 2020 cycle of Wind Farm Grant funding.

Applications can be submitted to the Parish Clerk online or on a paper form by midnight on 29th February 2020.

Forms can be found at: or windfarm-community-fund.html

Funding decisions will be made during April 2020.

When we consider applications, we look for schemes which support:

• education
• need (projects or activities that can demonstrate clearly that there is a need for it in the local community)
• sports, leisure and social activities
• infrastructure
• environmentally friendly living
• local economic opportunities, and other amenities and facilities

We also expect applicants to raise some of the funding from other sources too. So if you have a project you think fits the bill, please apply. Forms can be found on the Eight Parishes CIC website (

If you want any advice, contact a Parish Councillor, or come to our next meeting.

Application Form

Information and Procedure

Who Can Apply?:

Any organisation based in the Parish can apply for funding. An existing organisation can apply for a grant or a new organisation may be set up in order to secure funding for a scheme.

How Will Grants be Awarded?:

All applications will be considered by the Parish Council. The Council will be looking for schemes which consider

i.Community welfare and / or cohesion – will your scheme benefit part or all of the local community of Misterton and Walcote? Will it help establish or strengthen links between different parts of the community? Does it benefit one particular age group, or will it be useful for all ages?

ii.Economic benefit – will your scheme help to provide or support employment in the local community? Will it enable residents to generate or to save money in the long or short term?

iii.Social benefit – does your scheme support an existing village group or will it encourage a new group to be set up? Will it bring together residents for whom there is little or no social support at present? How will it reach out into the community?

iv.Ecological benefit – is there a part of your scheme which will encourage or support bio-diversity, improve or repair habitats or offer any other benefit to the local environment?

v.Sustainable – will your scheme need on-going funding? Once completed, will it generate the money needed to secure its future? What resources will be needed to complete the scheme? Are these resources sustainable, or finite?

Over several years, the Council will endeavour to distribute funds to benefit the widest possible range of residents and projects.

Whilst not dismissing schemes which would be entirely funded by a 'Wind Farm Grant', the Council encourages applicants to raise part of the funds needed for a project from other sources, either further grants from funding bodies, or through independent fund raising.

How to apply:

Applications should be made, in writing, on a form that can be obtained from the Parish Council. The form may be downloaded from the link above, or a paper copy can be obtained by contacting the Parish Clerk.

Completed forms must be returned to the Clerk.

Applications will be considered by the Parish Council at one of its meetings and decisions will be confirmed in writing.

Grants Awarded


  • Misterton with Walcote Parish Council | £4,000 - Skate Ramp Replacement Project.
  • Misterton with Walcote Parish Council | £2,000 - purchase shares in the Black Horse Community Benefit Society.
  • Misterton with Walcote Community Trust | £1,000 - To replace the outdated lighting in the village hall's lobby.
  • Misterton with Walcote Parish Council | £600 - Footpath improvements from Chapel Lane into Redmayne's field


  • St Leonard's Misterton, Parochial Church Council | £4000 - towards the cost of replacing the oil fired boiler in the church.
  • Misterton with Walcote Community Trust | £5901 - towards the cost of a fixed polycarbonate canopy outside Walcote Memorial Hall.


  • Misterton with Walcote Community Trust | £600 - Hard surfacing outside committee room and fire exit.
  • Misterton with Walcote Community Trust | £250 - Framing and displaying historic photos and documents relating to village history.
  • Misterton Parochial Church Council St Leonard's Church | £4300 - Remedial works to stone work
  • Walcote Wrigglers | £286.49 - Play equipment.
  • Misterton with Walcote Parish Council | £4922 - Footpath improvements.


  • Misterton Parochial Church Council St Leonard's Church | £5,000 is made towards installing kitchen and toilet facilities at St Leonard's Church.
  • Black Horse Community Group | £2,500 - towards assisting with legal costs associated with the project.
    Walcote Wrigglers | £597.36 - towards purchasing specific equipment for the pre-school group.
  • Misterton with Walcote Community Trust | £650 - towards the cost of purchasing a commercial gazebo, for community events and for the public to rent.


  • Misterton with Walcote Community Trust | £750 - Towards the cost of purchasing aluminium tables for the village hall.
  • Walcote Wrigglers | £500 - To purchase play equipment.
  • Misterton with Walcote Community Trust | £1500 - Towards the cost of a small extension at the village hall.

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